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A Pro Optika card gives customers the following discounts: 

1) 10% off all purchased products;
2) fast upgrade discount: when new glasses are bought less  than a year since the previous pair was purchased, new glasses (frames + lenses) or sunglasses are 15% cheaper than the regular price;
3) when buying two pairs of glasses on the same day, there is a 15% discount on the cheaper pair. The first pair is subject to a discount of 10%;
4) special offers for the customer's birthday - 15% off
(five days before and after their birthday);
5) when replacing contact lenses at the right time before their expiry date, there is a discount of 15%;
6) children of a card holder (up to 18 years old) get a discount of 10% on all purchased products, excluding eye examinations, contact lens examinations and lens mounting;
7) free maintenance for glasses up to a year after purchase (mounting screws, bending frames, reattaching lenses, mounting the nylon cord and cleaning the glasses). Maintenance does not cover laser welding, repairs of substantial deformations or the cost of spare parts;

* Discounts do not apply to already discounted products.

A card is issued to a customer free of charge after their first purchase of glasses or contact lenses. It is also possible to register your ID card as your Pro Optika card.

Time of Giving!

Frames up to 70% cheaper.

*offer is until 28th of February
* more details available in store.


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