Our goal is to put the sparkle back in your eyes. That is why in our stores

eye exams are performed by experienced optometrists and eye doctors.

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Eye exam

Helpful optometrists and ophthalmologists conduct eye examinations at Pro Optika stores, regularly improving their skills at special training events. They work with precise, high-quality Topcon equipment for eye exam rooms. Our goal is to provide a professional eye examination service and to recommend the best optical solutions for vision problems.

Our optometrists:

  • perform thorough eye exams and offer relevant advice
  • determine suitable spectacles and contact lenses and issue corresponding prescriptions
  • provide consultation on choosing visual aids
  • if necessary, provide a referral to an ophthalmologist for additional tests

Our advice to everyone is to have their eyes checked at least once a year or whenever recommended by an optometrist/ophthalmologist.

A child’s initial eye examination should be conducted by an ophthalmologist. Older people should also visit ophthalmologists because they are also good at discovering eye diseases.

Ophthalmologists at eyewear stores are not engaged in actual treatment*. Whenever necessary, such visitors are sent to an eye clinic for additional tests or treatment.

To ensure that you receive the best service possible, please book your eye exam appointment in advance.

Our eye examination rooms have the latest equipment manufactured by the Japanese company Topcon, the precision of which is also highly valued by eye surgeons..

Prescribing contact lenses

Contact lenses are prescribed at our stores by experienced and helpful optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Before you buy your first pair of contacts lenses, be sure to make an appointment with an optometrists or an ophthalmologist to have your eyes checked. Please do so even if you are already wearing spectacles.

As an eye exam for the prescription of spectacles is different from that for prescribing contact lenses, the former is insufficient if you need to buy contact lenses.

We will consult you on how the contact lenses should be fitted and worn. We will help you choose the right size and type of contact lenses to meet your particular needs, so that the lenses are comfortable and do not impair your eyes’ health.

The following actions are performed when contact lenses are prescribed for the first time:

  • the overall health of your eyes is determined
  • the degree of cornea curvature is measured
  • the condition of the mucous membrane is ascertained
  • tear production is checked
  • additional tests are performed if necessary
  • detailed instructions are provided on how to handle contact lenses

Once you have started wearing contact lenses, you should have your eyes checked again at least once a year so that our specialists can assess their health and possible changes that may occur as a result of constantly wearing contact lenses.

Please remove your contact lenses at least four hours prior to your scheduled eye exam.
To ensure that you receive the best possible service, please book your eye exam appointment in advance.

Ophthalmologist appointment

You can also make an appointment with an ophthalmologist at a Pro Optika store*.

An ophthalmologist will:

  • check and assess your eyes’ health
  • test your vision
  • prescribe spectacles or contact lenses
  • issue a prescription allowing you to buy spectacles
  • issue a certificate (e.g. for school/university or for a driver’s or gun holder’s licence application)

A child’s eye examination should be conducted by an ophthalmologist if the child has never worn spectacles.

Older people thinking of starting to wear spectacles should also visit ophthalmologists, because they are also good at discovering eye diseases.

Ophthalmologists at eyewear stores are not engaged in treatment**. Whenever necessary, such visitors are sent to an eye clinic for additional tests or treatment.

*With the exception of our stores in Pärnu and Tartu.

Making of spectacles and their maintenance and repairs

When spectacles are made, the lenses are polished as per the client’s prescription and installed in the frames selected by the client. Spectacles are made by our experienced and manually skilled opticians. Pro Optika’s workshops are equipped with leading Essilor automated workbenches that ensure measurement precision to one-tenth of a millimetre.

We perform minor repairs of spectacles:

  • replacement of nose pads, screws and earpiece tips
  • bending and other adjustments
  • laser-beam welding

At our stores in Tallinn (at Kaubamaja 4 and in the Viru Keskus shopping centre), Tartu, Võru and Viljandi you can also have spectacles made in just one hour. This quick service option is available if the required lenses are not custom-made and are in stock.

Eye exam for employees

Did you know that the human brain receives 90 per cent of all information through the eyes?

Every responsible employer knows only too well that good vision is the most valuable asset an employee can have. Vision affects our ability to work quickly and precisely. If you have noticed that a worker has become less productive or that an otherwise excellent specialist has been making mistakes where previously everything went smoothly, one of the reasons for this may be deteriorating vision.

When an employee’s vision is good they can:

  • acquire information faster
  • work more precisely and with fewer mistakes
  • accomplish tasks faster
  • comply with occupational health and safety requirements, avoiding static and mobile accidents
  • remain productive throughout the day (as we inevitably achieve less when our eyes become tired)
  • remain positive and content throughout the day

Eye exams can be scheduled at all Pro Optika stores in Estonia.

We also offer our eye examination service on the client’s premises, bringing all the necessary equipment. Having us come to check your employees’ vision will save you valuable working time and ensure that the performance of your personnel is not hindered by bad eyesight.

Such eye exams are conducted by optometrists or ophthalmologists, depending on the client’s needs and the agreement reached. Our eye examination services comply with occupational health and safety requirements.

Value your employees and their working time – just get in touch with us! Together we are certain to find the most suitable solution.


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